We decided to call it quits on our limited lifetime warranty mumbo jumbo and roll with a new warranty – a No Nonsense Warranty, a warranty we’ve lived and breathed for the past 30+ years, but just didn’t tell you about.  Gone is the lawyer lingo and in its place is a very straight-forward, plain English promise to you, our customer.

Delivering quality products and taking care of our customers are top priorities at Otis Technology.  This warranty covers both those priorities.  If for whatever reason, and we mean whatever – broken part, missing part, manufacturer’s defect, you name it - you are dissatisfied, we’ll take care of it, either by replacing the item or issuing a refund.  It’s that simple.

We politely ask you send the product back or provide pictures, as this helps improve our quality process and ensure our products are meeting the strictest standards.  

We do want to mention that some items just aren’t covered under our No Nonsense Warranty.  Before you start to think this might be nonsense, let us explain.  Brushes will wear out over time; patches will get dirty and need to be replaced, etc.  These aren’t covered, unless there’s a manufacturer’s defect.  Just buy those replacement items as you run low, we have them available.