• MC-10 Lubricant delivers extreme protection from -65 to 650 degrees
  • MC-10 Cleaner wipes away debris without diminishing the protection of MC-10 Lubricant
  • Safe for all surfaces, including metals, plastics, rubbers and woods
  • Spray-on design for quick, even application
  • Treated molecules hold to metal, unlike other lubricants
  • Odor-free, for worry-free indoor application
  • Microfiber cloth and protective metal case included


  1. Make sure your gun is unloaded.
  2. Remove all oils and solvents with a firearm cleaner, like Shooter’s Choice Quick Scrub (After the first application of MC-10 Lubricant, avoid using traditional cleaners and only use MC-10 Cleaner.)
  3. Spray the MC-10 Lubricant onto the inner workings of your firearm to leave a thin layer.
  4. Work your firearm to help the lubricant penetrate hard-to-reach places. (You might feel some friction the first few times you shoot, as MC-10 will push debris from deep within your gun’s metal.)
  5. When needed, use MC-10 Cleaner to remove built-up carbon, fouling and debris.
  6. Reapply MC-10 Lubricant