5 Things You Should Know About the Otis Ripcord®

When the military came to us with a request for a product that provided an optimum clean with one pass that could be executed from a standing position with an easy-feed design, our team of engineers got to work. 

The Otis Ripcord®  was born from that list of requirements and ever since has been tackling carbon and fouling at the hands of military and LE service members, hunters, 3-gunners and beyond.

Here are some answers to the questions we get most often and some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your Ripcord®.

What makes the Ripcord® different from the rest?

To put it simply: anatomy. Ripcord® delivers the best one-pass cleanings you can get for your firearm because of the way it is built and what it is made of. The Memory-Flex® cable at the core is tough as nails and holds its own. This allows you to run your Ripcord® through your gun from Breech-to-Muzzle®, with no gravity feed necessary. The rigid, helix-shaped rubber core keeps the cleaning surface pressed against the bore, engaging the rifling for an aggressive clean. The braided Nomex® surface can take up to 700° heat, so you can clean it at the range or in the field while the barrel’s still hot. Attach a bore brush to get an even more thorough clean. It’s fast, effective and ultra-portable.

Do I use the Ripcord® with solvent or dry? 

The Ripcord® can be used either wet or dry. We recommend using the Ripcord® at the range/in the field when the firearm is still warm when carbon and fouling is still loose in the barrel. The fouling pulls out of the barrel more easily before it cools. Think of it as doing your dishes right after cooking rather than letting them sit. It is waaay easier to get that lasagna pan clean on day one than it is after a couple re-heats. Just keep in mind that while you can apply solvent, the life of the Ripcord® is extended when used dry.

Where do I add solvent/oil on the Ripcord®?

Place a couple drops of solvent/oil on the leading end of the Ripcord®. This is the front end of the largest part of the Ripcord®. Alternatively, and to extend the life of the Ripcord®, attach a slotted tip and patch to the Ripcord® and apply solvent/oil directly to the patch.

Can you clean a Ripcord®?

Sure can! When cleaning the Ripcord®, most fouling falls off naturally. To assist, use an AP brush and brush off large particles. We don’t recommend putting your Ripcord® in the washing machine or dishwasher, as lead particles from the Ripcord® can deposit on clothing or dishes.

What are the threaded ends for on a Ripcord®?

The threaded ends make the Ripcord® a more versatile product. With 8-32 threads, you are able to attach a brush or slotted tip & patch, if you prefer, for added cleaning. You can also attach an obstruction remover/t-handle base and t-handle to assist with pulling the Ripcord® through the barrel.

The Breakdown:

  • The Memory-Flex® cable at the core makes for an easier feed and a quicker clean.
  • Helix-shaped rubber core maintains pressure against the barrel.
  • Rigid Nomex® fibers loosen and capture fouling particles.
  • Threaded ends fit all Otis cleaning components.