Choosing a Concealed Carry Pistol for Women | Tips and Tricks on Concealed Carry

by Otis Technology

Every person is different and unique when it comes to carrying concealed, and Otis Technology is here to show just that! Greg Essenlohr and Matt Ferland are joined today with Mollie Martin to talk about all things concealed carry. When Greg and Matt learned that Mollie does not feel comfortable carrying concealed, but always wanted to, they decided to speak with her, and show her the ropes around carrying concealed.

In this video, you will learn some tips and tricks on how to carry concealed, some of the popular firearm options, the importance of knowing the laws surrounding concealed carry, and ways to feel more comfortable carrying your firearm.

Stick around to the end of the video to see Mollie test out some of the popular concealed carry firearms, and find out which one she enjoys most!