Clear Path for Veterans Otis Update

Wondering how Otis the veteran support pup in training is doing? Here's our March update from the folks at Clear Path for Veterans!

Otis is growing larger each day. He is now 26 pounds (last month he was 19). Otis has been going to a local puppy socialization class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings where he gets to play with pups his own age for several hours. He will age out of this class at 16 weeks of age which will be next week. Time flies!

In addition to his socialization, he has been trained various behaviors during private sessions with his

foster parent and also with CP4V trainer, Erin. The behaviors "sit" and "down" are now on verbal

cue and hand signals independently. We continue to work stand, stay, place and have been

desensitizing him to grooming tools, people, children, and adult dogs. He is retrieving items such as

a dowel, a cell phone and a water bottle and bringing them to the handler. He had his first bath last

month at Country Maxx and did very well, although he did not care for the dryer.

Future training for Otis at 16 weeks of age will involve many of the behaviors mentioned above with the

addition of distance and duration. He is a smart boy and is taking to his training like a champ at the hands of the awesome trainers at CP4V and his foster dad!

Otis is due for a visit to Otis headquarters soon!