Fact or Fiction: Otis Technology Edition

How well do you know Otis? Check out the quiz below for Fact or Fiction: Otis Technology Edition

Otis Technology - are you with the elevator company?

FICTION. We can’t tell you the number of times we’ve run into people at airports, conferences, events, etc., and been asked that question. One of our favorite responses “no, but just like the elevator - our business is on the rise.” And it’s really tempting not to mess with people in an elevator when they ask that question.

Otis was started by a 35 year old farmer.

FICTION. Otis was started by a 16 year old. Bonus points if you knew it was a female. Even more bonus points if you knew that her *lightbulb* moment was while hunting with her dad and getting her gun all gunked up with mud. Check out the story here, it’s quite interesting.

Otis pioneered the pull through cleaning technique.

FACT. The Otis pull through cleaning technique, dubbed Breech-to-Muzzle®, is the backbone of the Otis cleaning kits. Her inspiration was the weighted chains used during WWII for gun cleaning. The Memory-Flex® cables coiled up to a lightweight, compact design for field use. Not to mention, the method of cleaning from the breech to the muzzle means fouling doesn’t get pushed into the action.

The first Otis cleaning kit was named The Whole SheBANG.

FICTION. It was named “The Whole Kit and Caboodle” because it had everything you needed to clean and clear your firearm in the field. The whole cleaning kit was contained in a shoe polish tin.

Otis products are proudly made in America.

FACT. More bonus points awarded if you know that we’re in Lyons Falls, NY. We started out at a kitchen table, moved to a horse barn and now the site we are at today. We’ve got 180 employees that kick butt and take names daily. We’re twisting brushes, machining parts, sewing cases, and assembling and packaging it all to go out the door and in your hands.

I had a kit just like that when I was in the service.

FACT. We get that a lot. We are proud to be standard issue with the US Military and if you were issued a cleaning kit in a round soft style case, it was an Otis kit. We are dedicated to support our troops and thank YOU for your service.

Otis Technology was named after the family dog.

FICTION. While we love dogs, this is fiction. Quick history lesson if you didn’t read the full story of Otis (but you should). Otis Technology was founded by Doreen in 1985. Siblings Denise, Larry and Nick worked side-by-side with Doreen to build the company from scratch. Their parents Jerry and Lori were also an integral part of the business. So where does the name Otis come from? Answer: Jerry’s middle name is Otis

Otis employees are mainly male.

FICTION. While we do have some pretty stellar gents on the workforce, our ladies win this one. And for the first 28 years of the company’s history, founder Doreen Garrett was President/CEO.

Otis is a family run company.

FACT. Otis Technology continues to be a family run business. The family sits on the Advisory Board. Doreen was CEO for the first 28 years of the company’s history and is now Chairwoman of the Board. On July 9th, 2018, Larry Williams will lead Otis as the next CEO.

Our manufacturing floor is so clean you could eat off it.

FACT. From the very beginning, a mentality was instilled that a messy workplace meant messy product. A clean, well-lit facility is not only a safer environment for our employees but translates into quality products we take pride in.

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