How To Disassemble and Clean Your AR-15 | AR-15 Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

by Otis Technology

It may feel intimidating and overwhelming to take apart and clean your AR-15, but it shouldn’t be! The process is quicker, and easier than you might think. Jesse Grigsby from Otis Technology will be showing us, step by step, how to disassemble, clean, lube, and reassemble your AR-15 properly.

Don’t put off cleaning your guns. Issues occurring with your gun can usually be fixed with consistent cleanings. Neglecting to clean can result in residue buildup, inaccuracies within your shooting, and issues with the gun’s operation as a whole. Making sure that you regularly clean and maintain your firearm will ensure that you have a properly functioning firearm at all times. With these tips and tricks from Jesse, you will be able to take apart and clean your AR-15 like a pro in no time.

Stick around to the end of the video to learn some unique features that make this particular AR-15 (DRD Tactical CDR-15) even easier to clean!