How to Tie an Otis 3 Inch Patch

We just posted a blog on how to create a swab for .17cal through .223cal firearms using our 2” patch. But what about my .308cal or my 12ga? Don’t worry – we have two more patches for you.

The 3” gun cleaning patch is excellent for cleaning .223cal – 12 ga firearms. These are just like the 2” patches except, well, they are 3 inches in diameter. Okay, there are also 6 slots in the patch. We’ll tell you why in a minute.Just like the 2” patch though, the slots in the patch make them more versatile, meaning they can be used for a multitude of calibers while offering 360 degree cleaning.

To tie a patch for .223cal - .270cal firearms, you’ll want to use the small slotted tip and the outer slots on the patch. Insert the small slotted tip into one of the outer slots on the patch. Take a pinch on the patch, pinching upward (like you are making a mountain, not a valley). Feed that portion through the slot in the tip. Pull the patch up and around the slotted tip. This makes a perfectly circular swab to get you that 360 degree coverage.To tie a patch for .30cal or larger firearms, use the large slotted tip and one of the inner slots in the patch.


Shotguns require an added step. Use the shotgun slotted tip. You’ll still use one of the inner slots on the patch. After you insert the slotted tip in a slot on the patch, add the patch saver. Then you’ll continue on your way by taking a pinch on the patch, feeding through and pulling tight. There are two sized patch savers. The small patch saver® covers 16, 20 & 28 gauge and the large patch saver® covers 10, 12 & 16 gauge.

The versatility of the patch means you can clean multiple calibers with one patch size – but it can be a challenge to get the hang of where to pinch. The closer you pinch to the slotted tip, the smaller swab you’ll create. This graphic is a great guide on where to pinch for the proper caliber. Want to be doubly sure you don’t make too big of a patch? Start small and pull it through your firearm. If it’s too loose, make a slightly larger swab (make sure you remember where you pinched the first time).patch-pinch-instructions.png

All Otis cleaning kits come with instructions on how to clean properly from Breech-to-Muzzle® including where to pinch to create the proper swab… but in case you threw those away, we’ve got your back with this blog post, and even this video: