How To Use the Otis MSR/AR Scraper Set

Nooks and crannies. They’re not just for english muffins. Fouling, dirt and debris accumulates in any darn place that’s not real convenient to clean. Thankfully, we’ve got a tool for that. Or shall I say tools. You’ll find a selection of these tools in many of our cleaning kits - but we also sell the MSR/AR Maintenance Set separately. But what is each piece for? In short, I like to tell people - if you’ve got a nook or cranny that it looks like that tool will work, go for it. But we do have some recommendations and some of these tools were designed for specific areas, namely AR-style rifles. Let’s get down to brass tacks…

Here’s a video to walk you through each tool in the set. Of course, we’d love you to read on, but we get it. Time is money. You’ll get the gist from the video but there’s more details below.

First and foremost is the male and female rods. Screw them together to give you a handle for the rest of the tools in this set. They’ve got 8-32 threads, BTW.

The short AP brush loosens fouling from the locking lugs, bolt, bolt carrier, firing pin and cam pin. The brush is made of stiff blue nylon bristles so you get a bit more scrubbing power than the standard white AP brush. Try it out on pistols too - areas like the extractor, slide, slide rails, etc, or the breech plug threads of an in-line muzzleloader.

The locking lug scraper was designed to clean exactly that - the locking lugs as well as the bolt face.

The scraper is perfect for flat surfaces and ideal for the bolt face and bolt. This is a great universal tool so wherever you see fouling and build up that you can get to with this scraper, go for it. We like to use it on the breech face, slide rails, firing pin channel and outside of the slides on pistols.

The pin punch knocks out pins to disassemble firearms held together by a pin system.

The straight pick is a versatile tool to help you remove fouling from any hard to reach area, whether it’s your AR you’re cleaning or any of your other rifles, pistols or shotguns.

Last but not least in this sweet set is the end brush. This mini nylon end brush can be used to brush away powder residue and fouling. You can also use it to paint lubricant on the bolt and bolt carrier or use it on pistols to lubricate the slide rails and barrel.

So there you have it. The MSR/AR Maintenance Tool Set. Not just for AR style rifles.