​MC-10: What it Doesn’t Do

Mission Critical High Performance Cleaner and Lubricant, or as we like to call it: MC-10. We could go on and on about all of the things that MC-10 does better than the rest, but here’s the thing: It’s what Mission Critical MC-10 doesn’t do that sets it apart and makes it the best.

The words “gummy” or “crusty” should never be used to describe the product you use to lubricate your firearm. The black build up you’re scrubbing off after a day at the range isn’t always just carbon buildup and fouling- it’s your lubricant. MC-10 doesn’t play that game.

Here’s a cheat sheet of the top things MC-10 doesn’t do:

1.) It doesn’t burn, melt or carbonize under normal operating temperatures, unlike the hydrocarbon formulas on the market. Once a hydrocarbon formula burns, it no longer lubricates and instead gums up your firearm. MC-10 was adapted from a formula originally used in aerospace applications….like NASA level stuff.

2.) It doesn't leaving you hanging in extreme conditions. With working temperatures ranging from -65°F - 650°F, no matter the condition – hot or cold – Mission Critical MC-10 will continue working. Hydrocarbon formulas tend to have working temperature ranges around -30°F - 350°F. How hot does your firearm get? Hot enough to torch our competition. Want to see it in action? Check out the video below.

If you think -30°F sounds pretty decent for functioning in cold weather, come visit us this fall for a late season duck hunt, and we will show you why we disagree.

3.) It doesn’t have an odor or color. Mission Critical is colorless and odorless, allowing you to clean just about anywhere you choose. No need to find a well-ventilated area, you can clean in the house and not get yelled at to take it outside. Just don’t use the good towels to clean- that will still get you yelled at and our patches, cloths, and swabs are better suited for the job.

Fun Fact: When kept in a closed container, MC-10 has no known shelf life. You can be assured that it will continue to function whether you bought it in 2018 or 2078.

4.) It doesn’t react negatively with your firearm and gear. Mission Critical MC-10 is inert, making it safe for all your gun parts. That means it is safe on all gun metals and finishes, it won’t harm your wood or poly stock, and it will even make grips more supple, not greasy like the other guys. 

5.) It doesn’t run. Due to its molecular structure, it stays put. This also means that a little goes a long way. Those nifty little spray bottles help ensure that you get the perfect layer of protection every time. Mission Critical MC-10 has extremely low surface tension. It gets into the pores of the gun metal and cleans and conditions by pushing out debris from micron sized cracks and then fills the cracks with a nearly indestructible lubricant layer.

MC-10 is obviously great for your gun, but one of our favorite things about it is that it makes it incredibly easy to clean from your firearm. With the low surface tension allowing MC-10 to fill micron sized cracks, it also supports an upper lubricant layer. It is this layer that encapsulates carbon and debris and can easily be wiped off when cleaning your firearm. Translation? No chipping and scraping required.

Looking for more info on MC-10? You can find it here.

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