Otis Announces Brand Ambassador, Target Focused Life

by Otis Technology

Otis Technology is proud to announce their partnership with Steve Gould's Target Focused Life.  

Target Focused Life is more than just a name for a YouTube channel, it is a way of life. In Steve's own life, he discovered that everything was better and way more was possible when he lived his life Target Focused.

Steve Gould | Target Focused Life

The late great Zig Ziglar said "If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time". This is true to an extent, but the reality is that if you aim at nothing, you will still hit something, though you'll probably be disappointed with what you hit. Even if we aren't aiming for anything specific in our life, there will be a destination, there will be results, there will be consequences to how we live our lives. The question I ask is: do you want to choose the direction of your life or would you rather aimlessly drift and hope for the best?

"Through my journey of going from a self-focused guy that was terrified of public speaking and nothing more than a poor shot with a shotgun to a guy that was focused on a dream of becoming a professional exhibition shooter, I have learned that our life is always moving in the direction of our focus," said Steve.

In 2009, Steve was inspired to become a professional exhibition shooter. The dream was that he and his brother would travel the country to perform live shooting shows for a living. Long story short, in 2013, that crazy dream became a reality. Time and time again, Steve reflected, "I see how living target-focused changes everything. Now it's my turn to help others live more fully and closer to their amazing God-given potential." 

His aim now is to take what he has learned to inspire, teach, and equip others to live a Target Focused Life.

Steve Gould started Target Focused Life to share his passion for all things shotguns, upland, waterfowl, hunting dogs, and more. Target Focused Life educates through reviews and how-to's, entertains with fun videos and adventures, and, most importantly, inspires people to live Target Focused because whether in the field or life, we will only hit the targets we are focused on.

“In becoming an ambassador for Otis Technology and Shooter's Choice had this to say. I am constantly cleaning shotguns and I want the quickest, most effective products to get the job done. I have been shooting professionally for over 13 years and I have tried many different products. Otis and Shooters Choice products have been the products that I use and trust."

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