PRO+ Gunsmithing Line

New Year, New Gear. Do you have a New Year’s resolution this year? Is it to take better care of yourself your firearms? Otis Technology has been known for 35 years (it’s our 35th anniversary, by the way!) for manufacturing USA made gun cleaning kits and accessories. But our accessories were also strictly related to gun cleaning products. Well, this year we decided that we should change that. We have so many talented engineers and designers. Combine that with some incredibly knowledgeable gunsmiths on staff and it’s a recipe for some awesome new products. Hence, our PRO+ line of products. These products were designed to help with your gunsmithing needs. Some of these items you can use for cleaning too (we couldn’t help but sneak that in there).

Let’s get started. We have five different soft vise jaws. For gunsmiths or firearm owners working on their firearms, these are an essential item to protect your firearm while keeping it secure in a vise. We’re a big fan of the material – it’s a non-slip rubber material with a perfect balance of hardness and flexibility. Keep even the smallest parts clamped securely while ensuring the flexibility to mold to various shapes of a firearm. Don’t worry about it scratching or marring your gun metals. Worried about spilled solvents or oils on it? Well, don’t worry about that either. It’s oil, solvent and alcohol resistant and easily wipes clean if you do spill. The vise jaws work in light duty vises up to large, heavy duty vises…. Just make sure your minimum vise jaw measurement is four inches long by one half inch high and you’re good to go.

So what are the five variations? Here’s a quick overview with links to the individual product pages for more information on each vise jaw.

  • General Use. Clamp receivers and slides with even pressure thanks to the flat surface. Clamp bolts, barrels and other rounds objects thanks to the .625” and .750” barrel channels.
  • Flat. Thanks to the large, flat surface of these jaws, clamp firearm receivers and other large flat objects securely.
  • AK. Designed specifically for the AK platform, it has detailed contouring and rivet holes for AKM patterned rifles. Note, it will not fit RPK patterned AK rifles.
  • Remington 700. Own a Remington 700? You’ll want this as it features a barrel bracket cutout to fit the factory locking lug or any aftermarket barrel bracket up to .400” thick. Great for easy disassembly and installation of trigger group components, boresight optics, and silencers & muzzle devices.
  • Remington 1100. If you own a Remington 1100, you’ll want to take a peek at this. Clamp with even pressure on the barrel round and top rib with the necessary contour in the jaws. Great for providing security when removing stuck chokes.

Enough about the soft vise jaws. Let’s talk about bench blocks for a minute. Don’t have one? Consider getting one. This gadget is great for a wide variety of firearm take down needs. Made of the same material as the PRO+ Soft Vise Jaws, it helps ensure minimal energy loss when punching out pins while protecting your firearm at the same time. Here are some additional features of the Otis PRO+ Bench Block.

  • Remove pins 1/16” to ¾” thanks to the oversized holes – compatible with every firearm need on pin removal
  • Accommodate nearly any pistol with flat and round pockets
  • Work a rifle bolt or pistol slide with a stable surface easily thanks to the v-cut feature
  • Pistol rear sights can be removed easily with the square hole
  • Magnet included for secure storage of springs, pins and other small parts.

Check out more on the PRO+ Bench Block here.

Another essential item for the DIY or professional gunsmith is the PRO+ Gunsmithing File Set. Get a set and leave them right on your workbench for quick access. The set includes six different files – round, half-round, flat, flat warding, square and triangular. The dipped handles are nice for a couple reasons – comfort & grip when using the files as well as easy identification of the set with the yellow handles. This file set stands up to any project you’ve got in mind.

There you have it, the start of our PRO+ line of gear. If you’re not signed up to receive our emails, go ahead and do that now with the sign up at the bottom of our home page. You’ll be one of the first to know about new products including additions to our PRO+ line. Plus, you’ll have access to various discounts and deals we’re offering throughout the year.