The Otis Defender™ Series

The Otis Defender™ Series has quickly become one of our most popular cleaning kit lines. This do-it-all kit offers three different cleaning methods and in true Otis fashion, we pack it all into a nice, convenient carrying case.

The OG Defender™ kits were designed for soldiers and bring military-grade resilience to firearm owners of all calibers.

These kits include everything you need for thorough Breech-to-Muzzle® cleaning, like:

Caliber specific bore brushes

Aircraft-grade Memory-Flex® cables

A chamber brush for AR-specific kits

Solid rods, if that’s more your style

Ripcord® for a quick one-pass cleaning

An AP brush for hard to reach places

100% cotton patches and brass components

This kit equips you with all the tools it takes to maintain your firearm to military standards. Now, it’s time to put it to work. The Breech-to-Muzzle system delivers a thorough cleaning you won’t get anywhere else.

Start by attaching a slotted tip to the Memory-Flex® cable, and tying a patch to it.

Apply a few drops of cleaner or CLP to the patch.

Feed the cable down the bore and out the muzzle, then pull the patch through. 

Replace the patch and slotted tip with the appropriate bore brush, and feed the cable through the breech and out the muzzle. 

Finish with another pass of a clean, dry patch to clear all the loose debris from your firearm. 

If your buildup calls for it, you should repeat this process a time or two.

The Defender™ Series comes in a variety of single and dual caliber configurations.

.338cal. 50cal .223cal/5.56mm .308cal/7.62mm .38cal/9mm .40cal .45cal 5.56mm/7.62mm 5.56mm/9mm 5.56mm/.40cal .223cal/.45cal 7.62mm/9mm 7.62mm/.40 cal 7.62mm/.45 cal