​The Top 5 Things You Should Know About the Patriot Series from Otis

Aptly named, the Made in the USA Patriot Series cleaning kit has quickly become a favorite in our lineup.

Here are a few good reasons why: 

  1. It packs the essentials in style: The Patriot Series Cleaning Kits come with everything you need to properly clean a single caliber with the Otis Breech-to-Muzzle ® cleaning method. We added in caliber specific components depending on the specifications of what you’re cleaning, like Patch Savers ® for shotguns, brass rods and square patches for pistols, and straight and bent picks, solid rods and a chamber brush for AR’s. By the way, by “in style” we meant a nifty hard case to store your cleaning gear in.
  2. It’s Made in the USA. We know this was already mentioned, but we never get sick of saying it. Team America all day. These kits are hand crafted in the USA by the hard working people of Otis just for you. We take pride in our craft and are happy to deliver quality products to the best customers out there.
  3. The T-Tool. We love gadgets. A lot. Just look at our track record with the B.O.N.E.® Tool or the Star Chamber Cleaning Tool. The T-Tool is a neat little T-Handle that makes Breech-to-Muzzle® cleaning a breeze AND acts as a driver with 4 included bits. Two phillips head, a flat head and a hex bit make those little tune ups no biggie.
  4. The price tag. We believe in quality. We don’t believe in sacrificing quality for affordability. The Patriot Series is made up of the same high quality USA Made components as the rest of the kits in our line and retails starting at $19.99.
  5. Variety. As of today, you can pick up your Patriot kit in any of 13 calibers/gauges for rifles, pistols and shotguns.

Bonus: These kits are super easy to use. With this Breech-to-Muzzle® system, you can take down carbon and fouling in just a few steps. 

First, attach the slotted tip to the Memory-Flex® cable, and tie a patch to the slotted tip. 

Apply a few drops of CLP to the patch. Feed the cable down the bore and out the muzzle, then pull the patch through. Use the T-Tool if you’d like for added comfort and ease.Replace the patch and slotted tip with the included bore brush.

Pull this through the bore the same way.

Then, give a clean, dry patch a pass through your bore to clear remaining debris.

Dealing with a super dirty gun? You can repeat these steps a couple times.

For a quicker cleaning, you just attach the included mop to the cable, apply a few drops of cleaner of CLP, and pull it through a few times. Finish off hard-to-reach spots with the included all-purpose receiver brush.

Check out this How To video for more information on cleaning your firearm with a Patriot Series Cleaning Kit and to see the specialized tools in action.