What Cleaning Kit Should I Use to Clean an AR?

We love AR’s. Whether you’re plinking around on the back 40 or 3-gunning every weekend, these firearms are just plain fun to shoot. As with all guns though, the more you shoot the dirtier they get. Since the AR is a firearm like no other, we made sure to craft a kit like no other to give you the power to keep your AR operating smoothly. We also made sure that this kit would allow you to get at all the carbon buildup in those hard to reach places without spending half your Saturday cleaning instead of shooting.

Meet the MSR/AR Cleaning Kit. You can pick one up in 5.56mm or 7.62mm so you’re covered no matter which platform you prefer..

It packs many of the same Breech-to-Muzzle components Otis kits are known for, like…

Bore Brushes 

8” Memory-Flex® Cable

30” Memory-Flex Cable

2” Cotton Patches Slotted Tips

An Obstruction Remover to knock out stuck cases, mud, or whatever else you get yourself into.

A Chamber Flag, because safety first!

BIO CLP for on-the-go cleaning

A Lens Cloth to keep that optic clean and clear

And some AR-specific extras that cut down cleaning time, like two Mongoose G2 tools that make quick work of bore cleaning and a B.O.N.E. tool for removing carbon from the bolt, bolt carrier and firing pin.

Speaking of the B.O.N.E. Tool®, see it in action here:

We also included a slew of precision cleaning tools to get into all those little carbon-collecting nooks, like....

A tapered Chamber Brush to scrub the chamber neck and shoulder and steel bristles at the base to get those locking lugs. 

Pin Punch

End Brush 


Straight Pick 

Bent Pick

Locking Lug Scraper 

Short AP Brush

and Rod Handles

Yup, allllllll of that fits into a little round soft pack that you can toss in your range bag. Get a visual on what goes into each MSR/AR Cleaning Kit and how to use all the components here: 

The MSR/AR Cleaning Kit isn't your only Otis option to maintain your AR though. We like to make sure you've got options.

Are you a big fan of our Ripcord®? (Yep, it’s called Ripcord® and not a boresnake….Same difference you say? Nope! Here’s why….)

Then check out the Defender™ Series for a variety of caliber configurations that allow you to clean with Ripcord, cables or solid rods...all in one kit.

The MSR Cleaning Pack combines all your favorite AR tools in one spot and the Patriot Series® packs all the essentials in a nifty little hard case and is super wallet-friendly.

Still not sure which kit is best for you? Give us a call at 1-800-OTISGUN (684-7486) and we will be more than happy to help!