What’s in Doug Koenig’s Range Bag?

What’s in Doug Koenig’s Range Bag?

18-time Bianchi Cup winner. 20-time Masters International Championship winner. 22-time Sportsman’s Team Challenge Open winner. 10-time World Champion. 6-time World Action Pistol Championship winner. 5 European Bianchi Cup wins. 3-time World Speed Shooting Champion/Steel Challenge. 2016 NRA World Shooting Champion. Achieved more Perfect Scores than anyone in NRA Action Pistol History. We could go on… and on… because this professional shooter has won over 70 National Championships. But he’s more than that. He’s an avid hunter and family man…. and the most humble guy around. We’re talking about Doug Koenig.

Those championships don’t define him. It’s his dedication and commitment to the sport - to work hard, train harder and have fun while doing it. He lives to share his passion and does so by sharing his hunting and shooting tips with others. He’s been shooting competitively since he was seventeen so he knows a thing or two about what it takes to be successful. Being prepared is key - not only does that involve range time but healthy eating and hitting the gym too. Since we’re not here to talk about tips to get that bathing suit bod in time for summer, we’ll focus on his range bag. He let us take a peek under the hood, so to speak. Here’s what’s in Doug’s range bag and why he considers them essentials in his success as a professional shooter.

Gun Cleaning Gear. We swear we didn’t influence Doug in any way when he created this list. But he considers gun cleaning gear one of the top essentials for a range bag. He packs his Otis Pistol Cleaning Kit, Ripcord® and Mission Critical MC-10 Cleaner & Lubricant because even though he regularly cleans and maintains his firearms, things can happen in practice and competition and he’d rather be safe than sorry.

Shooting Glasses. To protect those peepers. A must have for anyone headed to the range, whether participating or spectating.

Hearing Protection. Another must have. Whether you shoot only occasionally or as often as Doug, protecting your ears needs to be top priority. Doug doubles up for extra protection and uses silicone ear plugs and Walkers Razor Electronic Muffs.

Extra Magazines. Lots and lots of extra mags.

Belt and Holster. Doug uses the Safariland ELS belt and holster to keep his gun, mags and other gear right in arms reach.

Allen Wrench Set. Because proper planning prevents poor performance. You may never need it, but on the off chance you need to do some quick adjustments you’ll be thankful this is in your bag.

PACT Timer. Work on your speed and accuracy by keeping track with a PACT timer.

Spare Batteries. For your timer and optics. Neither of which you want to find out the batteries are dead after you’ve gotten to the range or match.

Compact Spotting Scope. For scoping out your score, Doug packs a compact spotting scope by Leupold.

Knee & Elbow Pads. When you need to drop to your knees or go prone, you can do so much quicker and smoother if your not worried about getting hurt.

Range Rod. When matches are won by the number of X’s, accuracy is pretty darn important. Doug packs a range rod to help confirm perfect alignment.

Extra Contact Lenses. Contacts can get a tear in them or irritate your eyes. Having an extra set gives peace of mind. While this may not apply to you, Doug’s thought of everything. What do you use everyday that would be detrimental to your shooting if they were lost, damaged, etc.?

Snacks. Doug packs hard boiled eggs and venison jerky for snacks. High in protein, they keep his energy up. That, along with plenty of water to stay hydrated.

And there you have it. While packing your range bag like Doug won’t turn you into a World Champion overnight, it’ll sure give you a leg up. What do you consider a “must have” in your range bag?