Why Carry a Gun Cleaning Kit With You?

Let’s pretend you’re unfamiliar with Otis cleaning kits. (If you really are, we’ve got a wide variety of gun cleaning gear and how-to videos for you to check out)

At first glance you see this nice little, zippered, round soft pack and you’re told that it contains everything you need to clean your gun. It can be hard to believe that everything you need can fit in the palm of your hand. Our cleaning kits tend to have the “clown car” effect on people though, because once you open them up, it is hard to believe that we can fit THAT MUCH gear into one little pack.

This was no happy accident. Otis kits are designed to be extremely portable to accommodate the needs of our warfighters, and because if your headed out to the blind, into the field or into the front lines, you’re going to want some back up with you. You don’t need to sacrifice pack space to carry along some Otis peace of mind.

So why carry a cleaning kit with you?

  1. Stuck casings and jams. These suck. There’s no nice way to say it. Our kits come equipped with Memory-Flex® Cables and obstruction removers that give you the same results as a solid rod, without taking up all that room. Just tap repeatedly until the obstruction is cleared.
  2. Weather. You got caught in a downpour, a sandstorm, or a whiteout and your gun is the worse for wear. Use the 100% cotton patches, CLP, and precision cleaning tools to get your gun cleaned up and safe from rust and malfunctions.
  3. Man VS Wild. We’ve seen many a shotgun knocked from a canoe and into the water and our company just happened to be founded after tripping over a sumberged root resulting in a rifle barrel full of mud. Come hell or high water, your Otis kit has your firearm’s back.
  4. Murphy’s Law. Because what can go wrong- will, and when it does we are firm believers in having a plan and being prepared.

We pride ourselves on crafting portable, lightweight, Made in the USA cleaning kits back by our No Nonsense Warranty. Check out our full line of cleaning kits for rifles, pistols, and shotguns here.

Need something that cleans everything in your arsenal? We’ve got that too