3-Gun Cleaning Tips with Lanny Barnes

Lanny Barnes is a three-time Olympian in the sport of biathlon, now turned professional 3-gunner. She’s been able to make the transition quite easily because a lot of her regimen in biathlon carries over to 3-gun.

In biathlon, she needed to be in top shape for the cross country skiing portion.

In 3-gun, the name of the game is running and gunning. She’s more nimble and agile which equals faster stage times.

In biathlon, she learned to shoot accurately with an elevated heart rate and control her breathing (cross country skiing is no walk in the park). Missed shots = penalty lap.

In 3-gun, there are penalties for missed targets so being fast without accuracy can really do a number on your time.

In biathlon, she was very dedicated to caring for her gear - both her skiis and her rifle because if either were poorly maintained, it was detrimental to her performance.

In 3-gun, she keeps those same gun cleaning habits because the last thing any 3-gunner wants on a stage is a malfunctioning firearm due to poor maintenance habits.

Lanny is offering up her go-to method for keeping her rifle, pistol and shotgun properly maintained before, during and after a 3-gun match. She goes through it all in detail in the below video.

In a nutshell, this is Lanny’s tried and true method:

Before. Tear each firearm down and give them a thorough cleaning. Once at the match, do a function check, sight in your rifle and confirm guns are running properly.

During. Clean your rifle, pistol and shotgun after every day of the match. Her motto, “the cleaner the gun, the smoother it’ll run.” Cleaning gear that joins her in her travels across the country to various matches include: 3-gun competition cleaning kit, Ripcord® in .223cal, 9mm & 12 ga, Dry Lube and Microfiber Gun Cloths. The Ripcord® is great for quick cleans and perfect for in between stages or when you don’t want to break down your firearm completely.

After. Tear each firearm back down and give them a thorough cleaning before storing them - whether it’s just until next weekend or for the season. While Lanny doesn’t mention this, for superior protection against rust and corrosion, pop a Metal Defense Bore Stick™ in the barrel.

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