How to Clean the Star Chamber on AR-15 and AR-10 Rifles

We’ve been focusing on the AR platform rifle lately… and that’s because of its popularity and the various areas that need attention when it comes to cleaning. ARs are super fun to shoot and we can go through a boatload of ammo quicker than our wallet allows. This also means they get super dirty and that buildup of carbon leads to jams and malfunctions. We believe in working smarter, not harder when it comes to gun cleaning. Enter the Star Chamber Cleaning Tool, designed to clean… wait for it… the star chamber area. Can you clean the star chamber without this tool? Absolutely. You can also chop down a tree with an axe, but if you have a chainsaw, why would ya?

We give you the lowdown in this video, but scroll on for a more in-depth look at this tool.

Let’s get to know the tool first: 

-the handle. It extends for use and retracts for storage with the press of a button. It can be used with the 5.56mm or 7.62mm scrapers, nose pieces and pads. It’s 8-32 threads make it more versatile, meaning you can use it as a handle for a wide variety of our cleaning components… we recommend trying it out with a chamber brush.

-the nose piece. Made of solid brass, it won’t scratch or damage your firearm. Sized for either .223cal/5.56mm or .308/7.62mm, it centers the scraper properly in the chamber. And speaking of the scraper…

-the scraper. Made of steel, it gives you the scraping power you need to tackle carbon and fouling from in and around the locking lugs. This also comes in either .223cal/5.56mm or .308/7.62mm.

-the cleaning pads. Made of industrial wool felt and sized for .223cal/5.56mm or .308/7.62mm, the star chamber cleaning pads help mop up and pull out debris. Each tool comes with 6, so you’ll likely want to pick up some extra pads.

Here’s the skinny on how to use the tool...

First things first. Break it down. Pull the bolt carrier assembly out. Refer to your firearm manual if you are unsure how to do this.

Then, assemble the tool with the appropriate size scraper and nose piece depending on whether you’re tackling an AR-15 or AR-10. Extend the handle by pushing in on the detent on and pulling out the handle. Insert into the receiver end and once fully seated, give it some twists. Clockwise please. This will scrape out from behind those locking lugs.

When you’ve finished with the scraper, swap it out for the felt pad. Insert tool back in the chamber and twist clockwise and see all the fouling pulled out that the scraper loosened.

Once you've cleaned it to your satisfaction, you can use the star chamber pads to apply oil or CLP evenly. Use a new pad so you aren’t re-introducing fouling you just wiped out with the pad.

Don’t forget about the 8-32 threads. You can attach a chamber brush to the handle or really any compatible component that would benefit from a handle.

Stay tuned for our next blog in the MSR/AR Cleaning Series on the B.O.N.E.® Tool. And in case you missed our last post, check out how to use the MSR/AR Scraper Tool set.