Meet the New Universal Gun Cleaning Kits

We’ve had them for years. Internally, we refer to them as the 210, 410 and 610 because, we’ll that’s part of their item number. They’re great cleaning kits, but they’ve been around for a while and needed a bit of an upgrade. They still are contained in Otis’ iconic round softpack case but the case has been improved to feature a higher quality fabric and zipper. We’ve also put our logo on the front so there’s no mistaking it as a premium, American made Otis cleaning kit – after all, Otis is the original pull through cleaning kit and pioneer of the Breech-to-Muzzle® cleaning method. Let’s dig into the details of each.

Universal Rifle Cleaning Kit (FG-210)

This cleaning kit now cleans .22 caliber through .357 caliber with the following brushes included: .22/.223cal, .243cal/6mm, .260/.270cal/6.5mm, .30cal variants and .338/.35/.357cal. You can still patch clean additional calibers – our unique patch tying system makes for a true 360 degree clean. Learn how to tie patches here and here. You’ll also get a 30” Memory-Flex® cable – long enough for your rifles you’ll need to clean. We include obstruction removal tools in case of any barrel obstructions or stuck casings. An improved t-handle is included in this kit and makes for quick and easy pulling of the cable through the bore. Patches and slotted tips complete the kit, along with a chamber flag and 0.5 fl. oz. bottle of Shooter’s Choice FP-10® Lubricant Elite®. We’ve improved the retail price too – you can pick one up for $39.99. This cleaning kit is perfect for the guy or gal who only has rifles – and a variety of them… or the firearm owner that likes multiple cleaning kits for their various firearms. Learn more or buy one here.

Universal Pistol Cleaning Kit (FG-610)

The Universal Pistol Cleaning Kit covers your basic maintenance for .22cal-.45cal pistols with four bore brushes included covering .22cal, .38cal/9mm, .40cal and .45cal. Great for the handgun owner that has several different handgun calibers, it includes a 12” Memory-Flex® cable with a slotted tip permanently affixed to it for those short action pistols. Additional slotted tips and two sizes of patches are also included. This kit wouldn’t be complete without an obstruction remover (that doubles as a t-handle base), chamber flag and bottle of solvent. This rings up at $39.99 as well.

Universal Shotgun Cleaning Kit (FG-410)

Some folks like the dependability of their trusty shotguns and have a variety for various needs – trap/skeet/sporting clays, turkey, duck or bird hunting, self defense, etc. This cleaning kit has been redesigned to now clean 12/10 gauge, 20 gauge and .410 gauge with the included three brushes. It also includes the necessary 3” patches, slotted tip and patch savers for creating the perfect size swab for a 360 degree clean. We’ve increased the length on the Memory-Flex® cable to 40” for the longest of shotgun barrels. In case of barrel obstructions, we’ve got you covered with the obstruction remover. Quickly and easily pull the cable through with the improved t-handle. And, as always, you’ll find a chamber flag and bottle of solvent. If you’ve noticed the trend on price, you’ll likely guess this cleaning kit comes in at $39.99 too. Hey, we like to make it easy.

There you have it, a quick lowdown on the new and improved Universal Cleaning Kits from Otis.