Top 5 Reasons to Get your Sweetheart a Gun Cleaning Kit

Valentine’s Day is coming up. Do you really want to do the standard Valentine’s Day gifting or do you want to get your sweetheart what they really want? Get them a gun cleaning kit and thank us later… here’s the top five reasons why a gun cleaning kit should be on the top of your list.

  1. If your spouse always uses your gun cleaning kit, perhaps this will be the subtle hint they need to leave your gear alone.
  2. Maybe your spouse will clean your guns while they’re at it? Or maybe not. But isn’t it worth the effort? Or maybe clean the guns they’ve been neglecting because, well, sometimes life gets in the way of doing all those well-intentioned chores.
  3. Make it about more than the cleaning kit. Make it an adventure and plan a day date to the range. What’s more romantic than that? And don’t forget to break out the new cleaning kit when you’re all done.
  4. Nothing says “I love you” and “I care about you” like a partner that ensures their better half has a well cleaned and maintained firearm. Especially if it’s their EDC pistol, making sure it’s in peak operating condition is critical.
  5. Happy Spouse, Peaceful House. Not sure how this applies here, but hey, it’s almost Valentine’s Day and it’s always a great reminder.

So now that we’ve convinced you that a gun cleaning kit is THE perfect gift for your sweetheart, start browsing. Otis offers a variety of gun cleaning kits for a variety of calibers. Go big – with the Elite (cleans .17 caliber through 12 gauge) or start them out with a Patriot Series cleaning kit if they only own one caliber.