What are the Threaded Ends on a Ripcord® For?

Why the threaded ends, Ripcord®?

You’ve heard about the Ripcord® (or we at least hope you have). It’s a One and Done gun cleaning tool - for rifles, pistols and shotguns. Just feed it in the breech, skinny end first. Pull it out the muzzle. Repeat if needed. Easy peasy. So what’s up Ripcord, why do you have threaded ends? Versatility my dear, versatility.

With 8-32 threads on both ends of the Ripcord, you have a couple options.

  1. Haven’t been eating your Wheaties lately? Screw on the obstruction remover/t-handle base and slide the t-handle bar through to give you some extra oomph when pulling the Ripcord through the bore.
  2. Attach a slotted tip and tie a patch to the trailing end. Put a couple drops of solvent on the patch and pull through the bore. This is a great way to leave your favorite CLP in the bore while extending the life of your Ripcord.
  3. Attach a bore brush to the trailing end to give you a bit more aggressive clean.
  4. Got an obstruction in your barrel? Attatch the obstruction remover and feed the Ripcord down the muzzle until you hit the obstruction. Tap a couple times - the Ripcord will act as a solid rod in the barrel and should clear the obstruction.
  5. Attach the thread connector and screw on a Memory-Flex® cable to the Ripcord. This makes the Ripcord longer so you can use it for firearms that the Ripcord might not be long enough for… like the pistol caliber Ripcords on your PCC.

Want to see some of the above in action? We’ve got a video for that.

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At $14.99 a pop and 17 different sizes for rifles, pistols and shotguns, we’ve got versatility covered.